2024 Human Rights Press Award Winners

Investigative writing

Recognising investigative work in English and Chinese that makes use of all journalistic tools to uncover or expose new details of a significant human rights issue.

English Winner

Amazon linked to trafficking of workers in Saudi Arabia

The Guardian

Chinese Winner


The Initium 端傳媒

Honorable Mentions

Revealed: Global private hospital group embroiled in ‘cash for kidneys’ racket
The Telegraph


The Initium 端傳媒



Recognising a single image or a series of images demonstrating excellence in photography on a single, specific human rights issue.

The women fighting Myanmar’s junta on the front lines

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Honorable Mention

Resistance to military rule in south eastern Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region
Frontier Myanmar


Recognising innovative, multi-format reporting on a human rights issue which makes use of two or more of the following mediums: text, photo essay, video, audio/podcast, infographic and/or interactive elements.


‘If I die, I die’: Pakistan’s death-trap route to Europe

Al Jazeera

Honorable Mention

The Country That Bombs Its Own People

The New York Times

Documentary Video

Recognising excellent video reporting, both short- and long-form up to one hour in length, on an issue of human rights significance.



BBC Chinese


Inside the “death squad”: How the elite police force RAB terrorizes the people of Bangladesh

Deutsche Welle


Recognising audio-only reporting on human rights delivered online in a serial podcast format.

Doh Athan 1: Relatives search for the Missing & Doh Athan 2: Conflict Causes Severe Food Shortages in Naga Area

Frontier Myanmar

Newsroom in exile

Recognising outstanding human-rights coverage on countries where on-the-ground reporting is dangerous or impossible, conducted by newsrooms located abroad.


‘Despair is settling in’: female suicides on rise in Taliban’s Afghanistan

Zan Times


Religious minorities persecuted in Myanmar

Frontier Myanmar