English Print Grand Prize

Series: Human Trafficking in Thailand. “Flaws found in Thailand’s human-trafficking crackdown.” “Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian slave trade.” – Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Andrew R.C. Marshall – Reuters
泰國販賣人口系列 – Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Andrew R.C. Marshall –     路透社

English Features Prizes

“Wed for their Wombs: Polio Wives Show India Fails its Weakest”. “Mother’s Death Shows Bribes Buy India’s Worst G-20 Maternal Care.”  –  Ketaki Gokhale and Jason Gale – Bloomberg News
男娶小兒麻痺女做生仔機器   印度未有保護最弱社群   – Ketaki Gokhale and Jason Gale – 彭博新聞社

“Dying for Justice – An Investigation of China’s Legal System” – William Wan –The Washington Post
調查:中國司法體系亟待公義– 温信殷 – 華盛頓郵報

English Features Merit

“Dying Kids, a Poor Indian Village, Uranium and a Mystery” – Rajesh Kumar Singh, Rakteem Katakey and Tom Lasseter – Bloomberg News
坐以待斃的小孩、印度貧窮村落與鈾礦的謎樣關係– Rajesh Kumar Singh, Rakteem Katakey and Tom Lasseter – 彭博新聞社

English News Merit

“When Calls for Revenge Overwhelm China’s Courts” – Didi Kirsten Tatlow – The New York Times
血債血償之聲響徹法庭, 家暴死囚重審免死路漫漫 – 狄雨霏 – 紐約時報

English Online Coverage – Special Recognition

Occupy Central Reportage – The City and Online Desks – South China Morning Post
佔領中環24小時全天候報道 – 港聞組和網上新聞組 – 南華早報

English Online Merits

“Voices from Tiananmen” – Patrick Boehler – South China Morning Post
天安門的聲音 – 包蟠睿 – 南華早報

“No Good Choices” – Deb Price, Chester Yung and Sara Schonhardt – The Wall Street Journal
面對欺壓缺支援 外傭苦尋公義終獲勝 – Deb Price, 翁錦秀, Sara Schonhardt– 華爾街日報

“Easy Prey” – Denise Hruby, Luke Hunt and Shane Worrell – The Edge Review
最佳獵物 – Denise Hruby, Luke Hunt and Shane Worrell – The Edge Review

English Commentary Merits

“Broken Trust” and “Clear Distinction” – Michael C. Davis – South China Morning Post
「北京失信港人」及「佔領運動違法但非違法治」評論系列 – 戴大為 – 南華早報                                                      

Series on Occupy Central – Stephen Vines – South China Morning Post
佔中評論系列 – 韋安仕 – 南華早報

English Broadcast Grand Prize

“A War on Witches” – Aaron Fernandes – Al Jazeera
反女巫之爭 – Aaron Fernandes – 半島電視台

English Television Prize

“Uighurs Seeking Sanctuary” – John Sparks – Channel 4 News
尋找庇護的維吾爾族 – John Sparks – Channel 4 News

English Television Merit

“Muzzling the Messenger?”Lynn Lee and James Leong – Al Jazeera
要新聞界收聲? – 李成琳、梁思泉            – 半島電視台

Chinese Print Grand Prize

“Wave of Church Demolitions in Zhejiang: Party Secretary Xia Baolong vs. Millions of Christians” – Jiang Yannan and Zou Sichong – Yazhou Zhoukan
浙江省拆十字架風暴 書記夏寶龍 vs 百萬基督徒 – 江雁南、鄒思聰     – 亞洲週刊

Chinese Features Prize

“The Ongoing Tragedy of the One-Child Policy” – Wang Sijing – iMoney
單獨二胎實施半年 受害家庭哭訴︰一孩政策 悲劇未完 – 王思婧– 智富雜誌

Chinese Features Merits

“Photographer Lu Guang’s Works Exposing Pollution Shock the Government” – Wang Sijing – iMoney
國際得獎環保攝影師盧廣揭污染真相震官場 –王思婧– 智富雜誌

Series: Violations of Domestic Workers’ Rights – Wong Tung Leung, Lao Xian Liang, Tung Kit and Lau Oi Ting – Sing Tao Daily
剝削印傭權益系列 – 王東亮、勞顯亮、童傑、劉愛婷     – 星島日報

“How to Die a Good Death When the End Comes” – Chen Yi Min – Ming Pao Weekly
當生命走到盡頭 如何善終 – 陳伊敏– 明報周刊

Chinese Broadcast Grand Prize

Series of reports of the 25th Anniversary of June 4 – Cyrus Chan, Kenny Kan, Gary Chan, Wayne Chau, Daphne Lo and Lee Kwok Ho – now News
六四廿五周年系列報道 – 陳家俊、簡學悕、陳偉利、仇志榮、羅錦萍, 李國豪 – now 新聞台

Chinese Television Prize

“A Prisoner’s Voice: The 25th Anniversary of the June 4 Tiananmen Crackdown” – Choi Yuk Ling – Radio Television Hong Kong
六四廿五-囚語 – 蔡玉玲 – 香港電台

Chinese Television Merits

“Beggars’ Syndicate” – Cheng Sze Sze – Cable TV
乞丐集團 – 鄭思思 – 香港有線電視

“Why Do the Elderly ‘Love’ Queuing?” – Lo King Wah – Cable TV
長者為何「愛」排隊 – 盧敬華 – 香港有線電視

“Domestic Helpers Away from their Homes” – Dora Choi – Radio Television Hong Kong
異鄉家傭 – 徐岱靈 – 香港電台

Series: The Occupy Movement – Li Xianzhe, Gillian Yau, Dora Choi, Choi Yuk Ling, Yeung Yuet Fun and Chen Caixia – Radio Television Hong Kong
鏗鏘集佔領運動系列 – 李賢哲、尤翠茵、徐岱靈、蔡玉玲、楊月芬、陳彩霞– 香港電台

Chinese Radio Prize

“The Tiananmen Mothers” – So King Hang – Radio Television Hong Kong
《六四廿五年》系列:天安門母親 – 蘇敬恆– 香港電台

Chinese Radio Merits

Occupy Series: “Protest Music in a Leaderless Movement” – Ian Cheng Hung Hay – Radio Television Hong Kong
《佔領故事》系列報道:群龍無首,抗爭音樂 – 鄭鴻熙 – 香港電台

“Over 100 Arrested for Showing Solidarity with Occupy in China” – Chow Man Tai – Radio Television Hong Kong
內地逾百人聲援佔領運動被捕 – 周文泰 – 香港電台

“I Have No Choice: My Years as a Domestic Worker” – Yuen Tsz Pui – Radio Television Hong Kong
身不由己:家務工的那些年 – 袁梓珮 – 香港電台

Photography Grand Prize

Series: Occupy Hong Kong – Alex Ogle – Agence France-Presse
佔領香港系列 – Alex Ogle – 法新社

Photography Prizes

“Benny Tai Collapses” — Yu Chun Leung – Ming Pao
香港民主抗爭:戴耀廷累壞了– 余俊亮 – 明報                  

“Lion Rock” – Robert Ng – South China Morning Post
“獅子山” – 吳冠民 – 南華早報

Spot News Photography Merits

“Paul Zimmerman’s Yellow Umbrella” – Cheng Kok Yin – South China Morning Post
司馬文的黃色雨傘 – 鄭覺賢 – 南華早報

“Lightning over Government Headquarters” – Ho Ka Tat – Apple Daily
多道閃電劃破政總上的夜空 – 何家達 – 蘋果日報

“They Can’t Kill Us All”: Press Freedom Demonstration – Li Chat Tung – Ming Pao
“They Can’t Kill Us All”: 捍衛新聞自由遊行 – 李澤彤 – 明報

“The Umbrella Man” – Xaume Olleros – Agence France-Presse
撐傘的人– Xaume Olleros – 法新社

“Boy at the June 4 Vigil” – Nora Tam – South China Morning Post
攝影集: 六四燭光下的男孩 – 談煒茵 – 南華早報

“Open the Door”: 1,500 High School Students Strike – Lo Kwan Ho – Apple Daily
“開閘” – 羅君豪 – 蘋果日報

Series: Democracy Protests in Hong Kong – Philippe Lopez – Agence France-Presse
香港的民主抗爭– Philippe Lopez – 法新社

Feature Photography Merits

Series: Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong – Luk Yu Shing – Eastweek Magazine
異國風情畫 – 陸羽勝 – 東周刊

Series: “900 Square Feet of Hidden Hope” – Xyza Bacani – Rappler.com
傭工身處斗室仍存期盼: 近觀受虐外傭 – Xyza Bacani – Rappler.com

Series: Family Reunions between North and South Korea – Ed Jones – Agence France-Presse
圖輯:南北韓分裂 家庭同遭殃 – Ed Jones – 法新社

Hong Kong Missionary Feared Detained in Pyongyang – Nora Tam – South China Morning Post
香港傳教士恐遭平壤扣留– 談煒茵 – 南華早報

Student English Grand Prizes

“The Umbrella Movement: Epilogue” – Lukas Messmer, Joyce Liu, Jane Li, Amel Semmache, Filippo Ortona, Cal Wong, Vanessa Ma, Vicky Wong and Hiram Liu / University of Hong Kong – MSNBC
雨傘運動尾聲 – 聞路家、劉晨陽、李林晋、Amel Semmache,Filippo Ortona,黃卓毅、馬愷琳、黃瑋殷、廖皓良 – 香港大學 / MSNBC

“China’s ‘Factory Girls’ Have Grown Up – and are Going on Strike” – Coco Feng, Jane Li and Echo Hui / University of Hong Kong – Quartz
中國工廠妹起義 – 馮仁可、李林晋、許芷君 – 香港大學 /《石英》雜誌

Student English Prize

“China’s ‘Homowives’ are Becoming Unlikely Champions for Gay Rights” — Huang Zheping / University of Hong Kong – Quartz
中國「同妻」:同志運動輸家 – 黃喆平  –香港大學 /《石英》雜誌

Student English Merit

“Hong Kong After Occupy” – Tracy Cheung Ka Sin, Leung Man Yin and Ng Hoi Ying / Chinese University of Hong Kong – Varsity
佔領過後的香港 – 張家蒨, 梁文賢, 伍凱瑩   – 香港中文大學 / Varsity

Student Chinese Grand Prize

“Interview with a Homosexual ‘Patient’ ” – Du Yijie / University of Hong Kong – Southern Weekly
「一定要有人站出來」訪電擊同性戀維權者小振 – 杜禕潔 – 香港大學 /南方周末

Student Chinese Prize

“Reflection on a Social Movement” – Wong Ching Wun / Chinese University of Hong Kong – U-Beat Magazine
當年學運骨幹  回看來時路 – 王靖媛 – 香港中文大學 / 大學線

Student Chinese Merit

“Minority Groups in Hong Kong Don’t Have Equal Employment Rights” – Kei Sze Ching and Chong Lai Kit / Hong Kong Baptist University – San Po Yan
少數族裔支援大細超   –   紀思清、莊禮傑 – 香港浸會大學 / 新報人

Essay Contest Winner
Gloria Cheung, University of Hong Kong graduate
張凱妍 /香港大學

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