Winning Entries of the 1997 Human Rights Press Awards

English-Language Newspaper Prize  

Series of Articles by Jane Moir – South China Morning Post

English-Language Newspaper Merit

Series of Articles by Ella Lee – Hong Kong Standard

English-Language Features Prize

“China’s Migrants: Millions are on the Move to Cities” – James Cox – USA Today

English-Language Features Merits

“Analysts, Bankers Feel Heat on Critical China Research” — Deborah Orr – South China Morning Post

“Democracy’s Old Warrior” – Marianna Wan – South China Morning Post

“The Key to Keeping the Peace in Prison” – South China Morning Post – Hedley Thomas

English-Language Magazine Prize

“The Lost Children: Child Prostitution in Asia” — Peter Cordingley and Alison Dakota – Asiaweek

English-Language Magazine Merits

“Safer Shares” – John Colmey and Mary Binks – Time Magazine

Series of articles by reporters from Varsity Magazine, April 1996 to March 1997

Cartoon Prizes

“Do you think Hong Kong will have press censorship after the handover?” – Larry Feign – The Independent

“Chinese Dissident Wang Dan’s 11-year sentence. The legal system and democracy have taken a step backwards” —

Sara Seneviratne – Hong Kong Standard

English-Language Commentary and Analysis Prize

First Prize:    Editorial Writers – Asian Wall Street Journal

10/6/1996 & 18/3/1996 – Taken from a series of editorials on human rights abuses in China

English-Language Commentary and Analysis Merit

“Weekly Columnist” – Director: Terry Nealon – Hong Kong Today, RTHK Radio 3

English-Language Radio Prize

“Asiafile – Refugees” – Elaine Parnell – RTHK Radio

English-Language Radio Merit

“Coping with Disfigurement (Operation Santa Claus)” – Chris Hsia – RTHK

English-Language Television

“Refugees” “A Journey’s End” – Matt Frei – BBC

“Evicting Memories: The Rennnies Mill Story” – Jennifer Lee – ATV

“The Forgotten War: Lao’s Deadly Legacy” – Susan Yu – ATV

Photography Winner  新聞圖片

“Shut Up: A Chinese security guard covers the mouth of a convicted man on his way to execution site” – Larry Chan Yu-fai – Hong Kong Standard

Photography Merits

“Have Mercy: A woman begs for mercy in front of a line of police at the site of a clinic at Richland Gardens” – Ted Aljibe – Hong Kong Standard

“A Vietnamese person jumps from a roof at Whitehead Detention Centre during a camp moving operation”  –Tony A W (胡智豪) — South China Morning Post

“Heavy Load: Protest against the Provisional Legislature outside the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre” – Larry Chan Yu-fai  — Hong Kong Standard

“Farewell: Wives of convicted men in Shenzhen wave goodbye before execution” – Larry Chan Yu-fai – Hong Kong Standard

“Mainland Chinese immigrant children caught in a sampan off Cheung Chau being held by Marine Police” – Martin Chan —  South China Morning Post

“A student demonstrating against the appointment of Arthur Li Kwok-cheung as vice-chancellor of Chinese University is dragged away by police” – Ricky Chung – South China Morning Post

“Old Woman in Mong Kok” – Stephen Shaver, freelance —  Eyewitness on Asia

“Frederick Fung Kin-kee surprises Qian Qichen, Chinese foreign minister, with a petition during the opening of the Preparatory Committee in Beijing in October 1996” —  Oliver Tsang Wai-tak —  South China Morning Post





趙潔芬及政治組 還原惡法踐踏人權遭炮轟               蘋果日報
梁美儀        還原舊法為黑社會減刑


學者指重施《社團條例》 「擇惡固執」荒謬

陳佩琳、陳沛敏       證券公司禁女職員著褲              星島日報


中國版        徵文活動揭曉無良廠商                    蘋果日報
徐曉伊        庭上批新加坡笞刑恐惹一身蟻           星島日報


徐曉伊、劉國業  要記者封口驚動楊官               星島日報




廖建明        東帝汶爭民主永不言休                    星島日報
胡耀良        新移民子女一把辛酸淚                    天天日報
國際版        學生示威暫未涉政治只求人權           蘋果日報



阮美賢        特首人權觀念,應具國際視野     香港天主教正義和平委員會

邱誠武        九七後新聞界有不可超越的黃線:                   香港經濟日報

杜耀明        思想不容入罪,言論何需保母               明報

主筆                一封讀者致傳媒的信               香港大學《學報》

李彩嫻        天下第一好老闆                 壹週刊
張家偉        少年殺人犯九七恐懼症                亞洲週刊
金佩瑋、曾萍      根斷夢碎的妻子                 瑪利嘉兒

金佩瑋        誰有權扔第一塊石頭               瑪利嘉兒
趙燕萍        悲慘幼童販賣                    壹週刊

電台 (沒有冠軍及優異獎,只作鼓勵表揚)

梁慶華、黃婉兒  鏗鏘集:沉默的羔羊               香港電台
陳潤之        兩岸專線:六四七週年                有線電視

梁冬                鮑彤、任畹町                    傳訊電視
黃婉兒        鏗鏘集:千山萬壑始出來            香港電台
廖緯軒        有線專題組:麗晶花園                有線電視
譚惠賢        警權                              亞洲電視

黎敏儀        春風伴我行 – 第八集「校園民主風」   香港電台
廖緯軒        有線專題組之法援署               有線電視

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