Ms Connie Lo, director of documentary ‘Vanished Archives’ 羅恩惠女士,紀錄片《消失的檔案》導演


Kevin Lau at our FCC Awards Luncheon. Photo by Kevin Dharmawan.
Kevin Lau at our FCC Awards Luncheon. Photo by Kevin Dharmawan.

Kevin Lau, a Ming Pao editor brutally attacked by knife-wielding assailants last year, spoke at our Annual Luncheon in May, after a long rehabilitation to relearn how to walk. The full text of his speech is here.



Xiao Qiang, founder and editor-in-chief of China Digital Times, was the guest speaker at the Awards Luncheon held on April 6 2014 for the 18th Human Rights Press Awards.

Professor Xiao has been running the bi-lingual news site China Digital Times since 2003, and also researching and mapping state censorship and activism in China’s cyberspace.

China Digital Times has published some world’s most comprehensive materials of Chinese Internet censorship, e.g., banned search keywords on Sina Weibo (more than 2,300 words), list of websites blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall (more than 22,800 websites) and secret censorship directives from the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Department and other Chinese state agencies (more than 2,000 directives over the past five years).

Professor Xiao teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Information. Originally trained as a physicist, Professor Xiao became a human rights activist after the deadly crackdown on student protesters in Beijing in 1989. He acted as the executive director of Human Rights in China and was granted a MacArthur Fellowship, also known as the “Genius Grant,” in 2001.

In 2003, he founded China Digital Times, a bilingual media organization. The website has been covering China’s politics, economy, society and culture for more than a decade, with a particular focus on censorship and online resistance.

Past Speakers

Ching Cheong — The veteran journalist, born in Guangzhou and raised in Hong Kong, was jailed in China from April 2005 to February 2008 while working for The Straits Times.

Robert Chung — Director of the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong.

Irene Fernandez (deceased 2014) — Malaysian human rights activist.

Steven Gan — Malaysian journalist and co-founder of the website Malaysiakini.

John Kamm — American human rights campaigner and founder of the Dui Hua Foundation,  which publicly lists names of jailed Chinese activists, and works to free them.

Martin Lee — Founding chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party.

Lin Neumann — Founding editor of the Jakarta Globe.

Myrna Reblando — Widow of a journalist killed in the 2009 massacre in Mindanao, Philippines. Asylum seeker in Hong Kong.

Cardinal Joseph Zen – Sixth Bishop of Hong Kong and outspoken human rights defender.



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