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Winning Entries of the 18th Annual Human Rights Press Awards – 2013

Winning Entries of the 18th Annual Human Rights Press Awards

English-Language News Prize  – 英文新聞大獎

Series: Bangladesh Factory Conditions – Jim Yardley – The International New York Times
孟加拉工廠實錄系列 – Jim Yardley – 國際紐約時報

English-Language News Merits – 英文新聞優異獎

“Deaf Generation Lost in Translation” – Jennifer Ngo – South China Morning Post
“手語服務缺失多  失聰新世代欲言無語士” – 吳詠詩 –  南華早報

Body of Work: “Prostitutes Vulnerable to Police Abuse,” “What Will Replace Re–Education Through Labor,” “Abused Wives Denied Justice” and “Elderly Couple Refuses to Deny Dreams of Freedom” –  Verna Yu – South China Morning Post
“性工作者飽受警察濫權之苦”及其他 – 余詠恩 – 南華早報

English-Language Features Prize – 英文特寫大獎

Series: “Inheriting China’s Problems: Parents, Children and the Authoritarian State” –  William Wan – The Washington Post
“承傳中國問題:父母、子女及專制國家” – 温信殷 –  華盛頓郵報

English-Language Features Merit – 英文特寫優異獎

“A Mother’s Hard Labor of Love” – Wu Nan – South China Morning Post
“無私而堅毅的母愛” – Wu Nan – 南華早報

English-Language Magazine Prize – 英文雜誌大獎

“The Face of Buddhist Terror” – Hannah Beech – TIME
“魔僧多面睇” – Hannah Beech – 時代周刊

English-Language Magazine Merits – 英文雜誌優異獎

“The Drugs Don’t Work” – Krista Mahr – TIME
“藥物失效” – Krista Mahr – 時代周刊

“Hong Kong’s Refugee Shame. But Wait, There’s Hope…” – Samuel Lai Chun-chit and Mark Tjhung – Time Out Hong Kong
香港難民之恥 –– 惟希望仍存” –黎濬哲 和 Mark Tjhung  – Time Out Hong Kong雜誌

English-Language Online Prizes –  英文網絡報道大獎

“The Children Who Work in India’s Rat–Hole Coal Mines” – Ammu Kannampilly – Agence France–Presse
“印度鼠穴煤礦童工” – Ammu Kannampilly – 法新社

“China’s Quiet Rebellions” – Wenxin Fan and Neil Western – Bloomberg News
“中國的靜默革命” – 范文新 和 Neil Western – 彭博社

“India’s Shame” – Andrew MacAskill and Bibhudatta Pradhan – Bloomberg News
“印度之恥” – Andrew MacAskill 和 Bibhudatta Pradhan – 彭博社

“Youth Interrupted: Underage, Illiterate Breadwinners” – Text and reporting by Patrick Winn, photos and video by Jonah M. Kessel – Global Post
“失落青春的少年:文盲早養家” – Patrick Winn 和 Jonah M. Kessel – 環球郵報

English-Language Online Merit – 英文網絡報道優異獎

“Four Years After War, Sri Lanka’s Widows Fear Rape” –  Charlotte Turner – Agence France–Presse
“斯里蘭卡戰後四年:孤寡面對強暴威脅” –  Charlotte Turner – 法新社

English-Language Television Prizes – 英文電視新聞報道大獎

“Wukan”  – Lynn Lee and James Leong – Al Jazeera
“烏坎” – 李成琳和梁思泉 – 半島電視台英語頻道

“Unhealed Wounds of Osh, Kyrgyzstan” – Robin Forestier–Walker – Al Jazeera International: 101 East
“奧什未愈的傷口” – Robin Forestier–Walker – 半島電視台國際頻道:「東101」節目

“Sectarian Divide in Pakistan” – Yaara Bou Melhem – Al Jazeera International: 101 East
“宗派分裂巴基斯坦” – Yaara Bou Melhem – 半島電視台國際頻道:「東101」節目

“ ‘Murder in God’s Name’ in Pakistan” – Evan Williams – Al Jazeera International: 101 East
“‘以神之名殺戮’: 巴基斯坦” – Evan Williams – 半島電視台國際頻道:「東101」節目

“Scars of Sri Lanka” – Evan Williams –  Al Jazeera International: 101 East
“斯里蘭卡傷痕累累” – Evan Williams – 半島電視台國際頻道:「東101」節目

English–Language Television Merits – 英文電視新聞報道優異獎

Series: Body of Work on Sex Slavery from Hong Kong, China and Thailand – Sylvia Yu  – TVB: The Pearl Report
性奴系列作品 – 柳世貞 –  無線電視:明珠檔案

“Every Day in Cambodia” – Lisa Cohen  –  A CNN Freedom Project
“柬埔寨的日與夜” – Lisa Cohen  – 美國有線電視新聞網

“Nepal’s Slave Girls” – Subina Shrestha – Al Jazeera International: 101 East
“尼泊爾女童奴” – Subina Shrestha – 半島電視台國際頻道:「東101」節目

“Dying for Growth” – Teressa Siu –  CCTV News (International) / CCTV America
“以生命換經濟增長” – Teressa Siu – 中央電視台國際新聞頻道/央視北美分台

中文新聞大獎 – Chinese-Language News Prize 

“香港芭蕾舞團涉自我審查風波” – 錢瑋琪、陸文 – 明報
“ Hong Kong Ballet Caught in Self-Censorship Row over ‘Cultural Revolution’ Scenes” –  Chin Wai Ki and Lu Wen – Ming Pao

中文新聞優異獎 – Chinese-Language News Merits

“碼頭工潮風雲系列” –  王東亮、趙燕萍、劉愛婷、童傑、勞顯亮 –星島日報
Series: Dock Workers’ Strike – Wong Tung Leung, Chiu Yin Ping, Lau Oi Ting, Tung Kit, Lao Xian Liang – Sing Tao Daily

“四大發展商東北囤地分佈曝光” – 韓耀庭、林偉聰、袁柏恩 – 蘋果日報
“Exposing the ‘Big Four Developers’ Land Reserves in the New Territories” – Hon Yiu Ting, Lam Wai Chung, Yuen Pak Yan – Apple Daily

中文特寫大獎 – Chinese-Language Features Prize

“父活躍民運牽連被拘  十歲良心犯:不怕監控  怕爸被抓” –  偵查組– 明報
“ A Father and Activist is Repeatedly Detained; Daughter is 10–Year–Old Prisoner of Conscience” – Investigation Team – Ming Pao

中文特寫優異獎 – Chinese-Language Features Merits

“佔領中環對談系列” – 譚蕙芸 – 明報
Series: “Occupy Central” – Vivian Tam Wai Wan – Ming Pao

“堅持說真話,中央眼中的壞孩子  程益中:寧做被迫害的人不做幸福的豬” 簡淑明 – AM 730
“Tell No Lies: Cheng Yizhong, a Bad Child in the Eyes of the Party” – Kan Suk Ming – AM 730

中文雜誌優異獎 – Chinese-Language Magazine Merits

“尋找爸爸的故事” – 姚智賢、高仲明–  壹週刊
“The Search for Father” – Simon Yiu Chi Yin and Ko Chung Ming – Next Magazine

“機密表格曝光 揭政府部門索網民資料兒戲” –   林浚源、李志榮 –   東周刊
“Confidential Form Leaked: Government Departments Misuse Netizens’ Data” – Martin Lam and Ben Lei – East Week

“抗命宣傳部。南周事件系列” – 張潔平、仰光、熊威、沈憶往、馬特、莫之許 –  陽光時務週刊
“Rebelling Against the Propaganda Department”: Series on the “Southern Weekend”  Incident – Annie Zhang Jieping, Yang Guang, Xiong Wei, Shen Yiwang, Ma Te, and Mo Zhixu – iSunAffairs

中文評論優異獎 – Chinese-Language Commentary Merit

“反擊宣傳部” –  長平 –   陽光時務週刊
“Countering the Propaganda Department” – Chang Ping – iSunAffairs

中文卡通 / 圖解優異獎 – Chinese–Language Cartoon / Illustration Merit

“狼英治下 2013” –  美術組 –  蘋果日報
“Under C.Y. Leung’s Regime: 2013” – Apple Daily Art Department

中文電視新聞報道大獎 – Chinese–Language Television Prize

“我媽媽無罪” –  蔡玉玲 –  香港電台電視部鏗鏘集
“My Mother is Innocent” – Choy Yuk Ling – RTHK Television: Hong Kong Connection

中文電視新聞報道優異獎 – Chinese–Language Television Merits

“中國人民系列之舉國體制及擺脫體制” – 陳偉利 – now新聞台
“China’s System for Producing Elite Athletes, and How to Get Rid of It” – Chan Wai Li – now News

“少數族裔女生班” – 鄭思思 – 有線電視
“Ethnic Minority School Girls Separated” – Cheng Sze Sze – Cable TV

“半世紀勞教” –  許少芬–  無綫電視:星期日檔案
“A Half-Century of Re–education through Labor” –   Hui Siu Fun –  TVB: Sunday Report

南周事件 –   林建誠 –  有線電視
“The ‘Southern Weekend’ Incident” –  Lam Kin Seng –  Cable TV

“公安也維權” –  胡力漢 –  有線電視
“Police–Led Activism” – Wu Lik Hon –  Cable TV

中文電台報道優異獎  – Chinese–Language Radio Merits

“川震家長改口風感謝國家感謝黨” – 蘇敬恆 – 香港電台
“Parents of Sichuan Earthquake Victims Change Their Tone, Thanking the Country and the Party” – So King Hang – RTHK

“抗日老兵心繫祖國冀承認身份還鄉” – 蘇敬恆 – 香港電台
“Veterans of Sino–Japanese War Long for Return and Recognition” – So King Hang – RTHK

Spot News Photography Prizes – 突發新聞圖片大獎

“HKTV Staff and 100,000 Citizens Light up the Night” – Lo Kwan Ho – Apple Daily
“港視員工與十萬市民照亮黑夜” –羅君豪 – 蘋果日報

“Scholarism Pushes C.Y. Leung on Universal Suffrage” – Tse Wing Yiu – Apple Daily
“學民追擊梁振英” – 謝榮耀 – 蘋果日報

Spot News Photography Merits  – 突發新聞圖片優異獎

“Chronic Corruption Behind Village Uprisings” – Edward Wong – South China Morning Post
“村委選舉革命背後:長期腐敗” – 黃立基 – 南華早報

“Tears of an Actress” –  Edward Wong – South China Morning Post
“女藝員淚灑電視牌照抗議現場” – 黃立基 –  南華早報

“Dock Workers Strike”  – Cheng Kok Yin –  South China Morning Post
“碼頭工人罷工” –  鄭覺賢 –  南華早報

“Protester in a Wheelchair” –  David Wong –  South China Morning Post
“輪椅上的示威者” – 汪志堅 –  南華早報

“Protecting Candles in the Rain” – Li Chak Tung –  Ming Pao
“雨來傘擋,守護燭光” – 李澤彤 –明報

“City U. Clears Way for the Chief Executive” –  Lo Yick Ming – Ming Pao
“城大清場迎特首” – 盧翊銘 –  明報

“Education Protest in the Rain” –  Lo Yick Ming – Ming Pao
“冒雨帶淚反直資” –  盧翊銘 –  明報

“Rain of Tears”  – Chan Yik Chiu – Apple Daily
“淚雨交加” – 陳奕釗 –  蘋果日報

“C.Y. Leung’s Supporters Attack Protesters”  – Lo Kwan Ho – Apply Daily
“挺梁人士追打示威者” – 羅君豪 – 蘋果日報

“Non–local Parents Queue for Childrens’ School Admission” – Lo Kwan Ho – Apple Daily
“雙非家長排學位” –  羅君豪 –  蘋果日報

“Anger Over TV Licensing” –  Lo Kwan Ho –  Apple Daily
“民怨爆發” –  羅君豪 –  蘋果日報

“Policeman Grabs Female Protester” –   Ho Pak Kai – Apple Daily
“男警箍女示威者” – 何柏佳 – 蘋果日報

“Postgraduate Students Support Dock Workers”  –  Chan Yik Chiu –  Apple Daily
“大專生撐碼頭工人” –  陳奕釗 –   蘋果日報

Feature Photography Prizes  –  圖片特寫大獎

Series: “Transsexual Angel” – Law Lan Yung – East Week
“變性天使” – 羅蘭蓉 –  東周刊

 “Coffin Rooms” –  Dickson Lee –  South China Morning Post
“膠囊旅館” – 李願成 –   南華早報

Feature Photography Merits –  圖片特寫優異獎

“Makeshift Home in a Slum” – Sam Tsang – South China Morning Post
“貧民窟的臨時住所” – 曾國宗 –   南華早報

“Health of the Poor an Urgent Case” –  Cheng Kok Yin –  South China Morning Post
“照顧基層醫療 迫在眉睫” – 鄭覺賢 – 南華早報

“Tackling Poverty Below the Line” –   Felix Wong – South China Morning Post
“按貧窮線解決貧困問題” – 王智強 –   南華早報

Series: Bangladesh Factory Collapse –  Munir Uz Zaman –  Agence France– Presse
孟加拉工廠倒塌 – Munir Uz Zaman – 法新社

“Window on the Rooftop” – Li Chak Tung – Ming Pao
“天台上的天窗” –  李澤彤 –  明報

“The Media are Kidnapped” –   Lo Yick Ming –   Ming Pao
“媒體被綁架” –   盧翊銘 –   明報

“The Outsider” –   Lo Yick Ming –  Ming Pao
“門外漢” –  盧翊銘 –   明報

“A Gay Parade Proposal” –  Wong Tak Kin –  East Week
“同志遊行終點送玫瑰花求婚” –   黃德堅 –   東周刊

Series: “Scavenging” – Tan Chi Wing –  Ming Pao
“拾荒” –  譚志榮 –  明報

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