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Entry Requirements


  • Entry deadline: January 31st, 2017, 11:59PM (HKT) (Except for Student HRPA, details here)
  • Please note the entry deadline is final and there will be no extensions provided. The system will automatically prevent entry submission after the deadline.


Works must be:

  • In English or Chinese.
  • Published or broadcast in the professional news media. We do accept works from freelancers. (We do not accept works from corporations or activist groups.)
  • Published or broadcast during the past calendar year, January 1 to December 31, 2016.
  • Reported from the Asia region, that includes Central Asia. Works from the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand will not be considered.
  • Related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (


  • We will accept no more than three (3) entries per journalist. In some cases, series of multiple works can constitute one entry. Please see below for details.
  • For student awards, we will accept no more than two (2) works per entrant. Works by groups of students are accepted.
  • There is no entry fee.



Our three volunteer judging panels – English, Chinese and Photography – are comprised of leaders in the fields of journalism, academia, law and human rights.

Winners will be announced at our annual Awards Ceremony. Short-listed candidates, plus their editors and producers, are welcome to attend.

Prizes are given to individual journalists, not media companies. – with the exception of un-bylined opinion pieces. Plaques, certificates and prizes should go directly to the journalist. Companies can order duplicate plaques or certificates by emailing

Queries can be sent to



This includes newspapers, magazines, journals, wire services and other text-based media.

Entries are divided into these categories

  • Spot news
  • Features
  • Commentary
  • Cartoon & illustration

For a series of work, all of which must have been published, choose the top two (2) articles and provide a brief summary of the rest


Multimedia works must include two or more of the following mediums: text, photo essay, video, audio / podcast, infographic and / or interactive elements. This category is for works that do not fit easily into our other categories — so a standard article with a single photo, or a TV show with a simple transcript would not qualify.

A URL is required for this category. Please note that we do not accept self-published works.


Provide two (2) paper copies of the cartoon or illustration.


We accept MediaPlayer or QuickTime files. If the work is available online, please submit a URL.


We accept MP3 files.

If the work is available online, please include a URL.


Entries are divided into two categories

  • Spot news – A strong, single news images
  • Features –A single strong feature image or a series of multiple images that comprise a photo essay or magazine spread. For themed photo series, please send one to eight (1-8) images.

We accept JPEGs with a quality setting of eight (8) or above. They should be a minimum of 2,000 pixels on the short side. Include the credit and caption information in the metadata.

Queries can be sent to